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Where Are the Little River Band Members Now?

The Little River Band members have intrigued fans for decades with their evolving lineup and memorable music. 

Read on as we offer a closer look at where these talented musicians are now, spotlighting their musical journeys and personal pursuits beyond the stage.


A look at the current Little River Band members

Wayne Nelson: The steadfast leader

Wayne Nelson has been a cornerstone of the classic rock band since the early ‘80s, anchoring their sound with his iconic bass and vocals regardless of all the Little River Band member changes. His performances are timeless, connecting deeply with fans, both in live settings and through recorded works.


Chris Marion: Master of keyboards

Building on Nelson’s leadership, Chris Marion enhances the Little River Band albums’ compositions with his keyboard skills. Marion’s integration of modern synth textures with classic keyboard tones bridges the gap between different eras of music lovers, adding a rich layer to the band’s sound.


Bruce Wallace: The fresh force

As Marion’s melodies provide continuity, Bruce Wallace introduces a refreshing change. His more recent addition to the band brings a modern twist to their sound with standout guitar work that appeals to both long-time fans and newer audiences. Wallace’s innovative approach complements the established rhythms, seamlessly blending with the band’s classic rock roots.


Ryan Ricks: Rhythmic innovator

The rhythm section, powered by Ryan Ricks, adds another dimension to the band’s performances. Ricks’ drumming is not merely about keeping time but is an expressive force during concerts, making the band’s live shows a dynamic experience. His ability to fluctuate between powerful rock beats and softer, more nuanced rhythms enhances the overall impact of Little River Band music.


Colin Whinnery: Dual role dynamism

Rounding out the ensemble, Colin Whinnery reinterprets the band’s classic tracks with his vocal and guitar prowess. Since joining in 2018, Whinnery has brought a fresh perspective and vibrancy, ensuring the band’s music remains relevant and engaging for today’s audience. His dual role enriches the band’s musical diversity, allowing them to explore new creative directions while staying true to their roots.


Beyond the band

Offstage, Little River Band members cultivate lives that are as rich and varied as their music. Wayne Nelson enjoys spending time with his family and doing charity work, particularly for domestic abuse victims.

Bruce Wallace, the latest addition to the Little River Band members, is often seen on Instagram spending quality time with his partner. Chris Marion, on the other hand, leverages his musical expertise by working with a diverse array of artists. Meanwhile, little is known about members Ryan Ricks and Colin Whinnery.


Continuing the musical journey

The Little River Band is not content to rest on their past successes. They are actively involved in crafting new projects and embarking on tours to showcase the Little River Band discography, demonstrating their commitment to growth and innovation in music.

Recent projects, like the orchestral renditions of their classic hits, highlight the Little River Band members willingness to experiment and adapt, ensuring that their legacy both endures and evolves. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where and when was Little River Band formed?

The Little River Band was established in Melbourne, Australia, in March 1975. As a result of their distinctive harmonies and well-crafted rock melodies, the band quickly achieved recognition not just in Australia but also the US, setting the stage for a long and successful career regardless of who’s in Little River band.


What are the names of the original members of Little River Band?

The Little River Band founding members are:

  • Glenn Shorrock, lead vocalist.
  • Graeham Goble, acoustic guitar player and co-vocalist.
  • Beeb Birtles, rhythm guitar player and co-vocalist.
  • Ric Formosa, lead guitarist.
  • Roger McLachlan, bass guitarist and backing vocalist.
  • Derek Pellicci, drummer.


What is the meaning behind the name ‘Little River Band’?

The name ‘Little River Band’ was inspired by the time the band was travelling together and passed by a Little River sign on the Princes Highway in Victoria, Australia. Glenn Shorrock playfully suggested the name after seeing the road sign, proposing it first as a song title before it became the band’s official name. 

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational and entertainment purposes only. While we strive for accuracy, music history is often based on available documentation and interpretation.

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